Scurb Suits in UAE

Hospitals are a very hectic environment as there are always patients coming in and out all to get the proper care. It is quite tricky to work with patients in this kind of environment as medical professional has to run around the hospital all day to take care of their patients. To avoid any accidents, [...]

School Uniforms in UAE

School Uniforms are a great and effective way of putting an end to discrimination and student victimization in academic environments. School uniforms are important because they serve as a group emblem that puts each and every student as an equal in the education. The tradition of school uniforms dates back to the 16th century and [...]

Polo T-Shirts in UAE

Even as the T-shirts have taken over the casual clothing scene, Polo shirts still remain the standard for professional Golf, Polo and Tennis players. Polo Shirts revolutionized the sports clothing for these games in the mid 19th century as the design was elegant and effective at solving many problems regarding with sportswear. The short cuffed [...]

Patient Gowns in UAE

Hospitals are very chaotic with so many patients and doctors running around to save and be saved from various malicious diseases. No matter what illness a patient is suffering from, taking a good care of him is the utmost priority for hospitals and medical professionals. As patients are battling their own diseases, their immune system [...]

Opretion Gown in UAE

Performing an operation on a patient is a very tough job which demands the doctor’s utmost attention and an absolute control over the environment. It can be a matter of life and death for the patient if anything goes wrong. So the doctors and all the operating staff needs to be fully prepared which also [...]

Medical Uniforms in UAE

Being a Medical professional is one of the noblest of works in human history as they save lives on a daily basis. Becoming a doctor is confronting the illnesses of mankind, curing the diseases that make people suffer so much and to pulling people out of death. This is indeed a noble profession and the [...]

Hotel Uniforms in UAE

Making a good reputation for your Hotel in this ever growing demand for tourism has never been more challenging than now. With affordable vacation planes and cheap flight fares, people are always visiting different cities around the world and looking for a good hotel to stay in. First is always the last impression and the [...]

Graduation Gowns in UAE

Graduation is one the key moments in a person’s life as it defines the trajectory of their career and their life. To celebrate this memorable moment of your life, you need the best Graduation Gown Ever that fits you perfectly and suits your remarkable personality.   Graduation Gowns are a sacred tradition of our education system [...]

Coverall Suppliers in UAE

For the professional heroes who work in extreme environments, Coverall Uniforms are like an armor that protects them from the reactive and dangerous elements in their working area. While working in some of the most toxic and hazardous environments, self protection must be the first priority. Nothing does that job better than a good quality [...]

Computer Embroidery UAE

Complexity in design catches attention and looks quite elegant if don’t right. Embroidery is a very effective way of decorating a piece of clothing and giving it a new meaning.   But as it gets complicated, it becomes difficult and the final product comes out be a mess. But LCT Uniforms has figured a way to [...]

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