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Hotel Uniforms in UAE

Uniforms LCT has large collections of affordable Hotel Uniforms in UAE. Also, we offer aprons, tabards, waistcoats, trousers, ties and scarves.

Being one of the biggest workwear and uniform suppliers in the nation, LCT Uniforms normally conveys Fan incredible scope of eatery and inn wear. The online range incorporates all that you have to pack out yourself and your staff, to guarantee you search proficient and shrewd for your clients.

Clients’ suppositions are clearly indispensable in the neighboring business, it’s about giving an administration which is better than what they involvement with home, and from what they have encountered at different scenes. A large number of these suppositions can be formed around the picture. Cleanliness and polished methodology are regularly judged rapidly by clients in light of the presence of the working staff. In the event that you enter a scene and are welcomed by staff individuals in shabby, grimy, old-looking regalia, this will quickly give you negative early introductions, perhaps the place doesn’t put cleanliness and cleanliness as an imperative need – a stressing thought when you are putting stock in them to give you sustenance to eat or a place to remain. To help keep this huge issue and off-putting potential clients, ensure you and your staff look splendidly proficient and permit your clients judge you by your incredible administration given rather than awful early introductions of your shabby outfits, LCT Uniforms convey a broad scope of eatery and inn wear. Containing a wide assortment of styles, appropriate for various distinctive themed scenes, and an extensive determination of hues, accessible in both men’s and women.

Utilizing our 35 years involvement with LCT Uniforms, we comprehend what makes an incredible uniform consequently the line ‘Understanding Workwear’. We know an extraordinarily uniform, does not really mean it must be a costly uniform. As you will see all through LCT Uniforms’s scope of sensibly estimated, stylishly satisfying items. An extraordinary uniform must carry out its employment well. It must show what really matters to the eatery or inn, regardless of whether that is a specific topic like provincial, current, American and so forth. It must show demonstrable skill and look brilliant to leave an impression with clients.


An immense and regularly disregarded element of a decent uniform – It should likewise be agreeable, down to earth and utilitarian for the staff wearing it. It is the staff individuals will’s identity putting in hours a day wearing the apparel, and the uniform must be appropriate to guarantee ideal staff execution. In the event that the earth is an especially hot one, it’s awful having a uniform which does not help make the staff individuals agreeable. They won’t anticipate coming to work, and this can frequently influence their execution, and in this way the general administration gave and experience to the client.



Brilliant vary of front of house or waiters aprons that may keep your employees trying good throughout the service. We offer aprons to a number of the most important edifice teams within the Dubai and that we apprehend precisely the way to keep your maintenance staff happy, snug and good. You’ll notice any kind of waiter’s apron you will would like on our website with designs that vary from adjustable bib aprons to little waist aprons with cash pouches. The bulk of that product is available in a large variance from of color’s which suggests you’ll notice precisely what you wish to create your employees stand out.


WE are sole suppliers of the jazz musician, physician denim apron variety. We offer aprons to a number of the most important edifice teams within the Dubai and that we apprehend precisely the way to keep your maintenance staff happy, snug and good. We offer a range of various pocket designs, colors and sizes convey you as many alternative choices as potential. The key point of a denim apron is that the home, rustic look it that may be a nice quality to not simply your uniform, however the charm of your institution normally. All aprons are freely personal stable.



Produce a spread of superior and cheap Tabards that are nice for cleaners operating within the services business. Our bright colored we provide the knowledgeable look that doesn’t compromise on practicality. Tabards are a preferred addition to several operating uniforms, thanks to the utility of getting the handy pockets, and additionally, as they assist in guarding covering beneath from potential injury or staining once operating.

We on-line variant of edifice shirts and blouses contain a larger style of totally different appearance, because of the in-depth choice of color’s, together with the varied designs and styles. This can be the explanation our edifice wear is, therefore, fashionable among several, there very may be a product for anyone. Browse our varied and guarantee your edifice or edifice employees are trying skilled and good.




The range of good and trendy waiter’s waistcoats is an excellent selection of restaurants and hotels UN agency would like the skilled trying front of house uniforms. Our service waistcoats dead complements the remainder of our front of house vary from product and are designed to be androgynous which suggests you succeed most utility. If you’re trying to feature a conventional, refined look to your edifice or edifice employees, this can be the gathering for you. We provide these waistcoats at fantastic costs, competitive with the other company on-line in the metropolis.


Sell a large variety of men’s and girls trousers that are ideal to be used as a part of service of company uniforms. Each waiter and businessmen and girls can act and complex in our top quality, nevertheless sanely cheap, formal men’s and girls trousers. Our theory is formed of the variety of revered brands, all putt their own attack the skilled, company look while making certain comfort and sturdiness.



Suits and trade class consists of a large style of the company covering appropriate for each man and girls. With our massive variety of suits in a very variety of various designs, colors, and costs, we tend to unlearn is that the excellent destination to seek out a high-quality, brightly priced welcome and company uniform. Leave an enduring impression on your customers by keeping your men trying skilled, good and trendy. This assortment is certain to own a regular to dead accommodate your needs, the variability permits you to match your uniform to your specific whole image and with the addition of embroidery, add a final special bit to line your workers look apart.




A range of ties and scarves that are the proper accent to uniforms across several industries. Our men’s and girls scarves are nice for service or company work wear, whereas our women’s scarves are an ideal match to beauty uniforms.


Super safe variety of slip resistant footwear from Uniforms LCT specialized in footwear that appears nice and performs even higher. With an outsized very specifically designed for the front of the house or maintenance staff, these shoes have a specially designed sole that provides unimaginable grip whereas not compromising on the appearance of the shoe. With such a lot of hazards in the edifice, hotel, café, and bar workplaces, these shoes are a requirement to avoid reserve injuries and defend your employees or yourselves.


Huge range of plain T-shirts that are excellent as a part of an informal uniform or as the promotional covering. With a good range at cheap costs, all business will benefit from those fantastic, relaxed work wear product.

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