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Operation Gowns in UAE

We offer Operation Gowns in UAE a full vary of sterile drapes, robes and receptacle wrap factory-made from an in-depth choice of non-woven materials. As you’d expect, all of our product meet the specified European Standards for compliance in Dubai.

Our robes supply totally different levels of protection and luxury to produce a bigger alternative supported your needs.

Our single-use drapes cowl all surgical specialties and the square measure designed for easy use Operation Gowns in UAE . Options include:

A comprehensive vary of base materials

Built-in fluid pouches with avoidance

Integral cut film either fenestrated or plain

Latex free elasticated inserts

Resalable line holders

We have producing facilities situated within the urban center enabling the Dubai to supply made-to-order drapes specified by you and your team while not the necessity for long lead times, immense minimum order quantities or the risks related to translating producing specifications into alternative languages.

Multi-Use Drapes, robes and receptacle Wraps 

Our high-tech multi-use drapes, robes, and receptacle wraps supply a carbon economical answer to your surgical needs. A full vary of product with totally different levels of protection and luxury is available; processed, packed and sterilized at 2 authorized, dedicated facilities situated in ShrewsburyDrapes

We square measure the concentrate on the assembly of sterile multi-use surgical drape and robe packs at intervals purpose designed facilities and have over twenty years’ expertise within the safe producing and process of those medical devices. Our product totally adjusts to the standard and producing criteria specified at intervals the EU customary EN13795. The multi-use product offers clear environmental benefits over single use product, requiring less packaging and removing the necessity for pricey burning when use.

Synergy Health contains a history of introducing innovative technologies to enhance our solutions portfolio. Several of those square measure developed by our in-house groups however we tend to additionally work extensively with external parties to each facilitate analysis and development and to license new technologies.

Synergy Health provides an in-depth vary of single-use drapes and robes also as a reusable vary of robes and drapes.

Azo Resist Drapes 

Azo Resist single use non-sterile drapes square measure equipped prepared for insertion into packs or trays before sterilization. Combining wonderful microbe barrier with superior strength Azo Resist drapes square measure convenient, safe and economical.Azo Resist Drapes

Intensive analysis and developments in cloth technology have resulted in the development of materials that offer optimum drive ability and assist in reducing contamination.

The very of Azo Resist drapes encompasses the essential needs of generic draping from basic Utility Drapes to Leggings and mayonnaise Stand Covers.

Drapes square measure pre-folded – economic and simple to use Made from Azo Resist non-woven material – soft, robust and drape able for easy use Fluid repellent – helps cut back risk of contamination

Each drape clearly marked – straightforward to spot for employees in packing and in-use

Raucodrape (Incise Drapes)

Energy Health distributes the Raucodrape vary of surgical cut drapes. This elastic and supple cut drape is factory-made from a polymer film, coated with ploy crylate adhesive and is hypoallergenic.

The cut drape prevents the migration of microorganisms, however, is porous to wet vapor. Clear and non-reflective; for covering the operation site; sterilized by irradiation.

Proxima Drapes

The Proxima Drape vary is one in every of the foremost intensive within the marketplace giving surgical specific drapes, drape packs, general utility and fenestrated drapes, on the market during an alternative of fabrics: Proxima Drapes

SMS material – tested to be fluid repellent, low lining, strong, tear proof and, in particular breathable. due to this innovative SMS technology, Proxima surgical robes and drapes offer high levels of protection against blood and fluids whereas giving the very best comfort.

DuPont Softesse cloth that we tend to decision Eclipse – providing a soft artifact like feel that conforms simply to the body Operation Gowns in UAE .

Our intensive vary includes drapes and drape packs for a spread of various procedures as well as general medical science, medicine, obstetrics, urology, vessel, ENT, surgical process and pediatric.


drapes feature variety of distinctive options and edges that facilitate create draping slightly easier:

Velcro vogue tube and cable holders

Premium tape and cut film

Larger absorbent, run-resistant bolstered crucial zones

Instrument pads for traction management

Proxima robes

Synergy Health distributes the Proximal vary of single-use surgical drapes and robes from the phone system. On the market in four materials

The Aurora vary of robes is formed with Suprel medical cloth from Dupont giving the associate unbeatable combination of protection and luxury. Aurora robes have a swish texture that glides simply while not catching or grabbing, permitting unimaginable freedom of movement. These robes square measure on the market in numerous sizes and protection levels as well as non-reinforced, cloth bolstered and poly bolstered

Eclipse robes

have a soft, artifact like texture and square measure created with breathable Softesse  medical cloth from Dupont.Eclipse robes The material options advanced medical technology that has a splash-resistant barrier that’s breathable, serving to stay you cool and comfy whereas you’re employed. Eclipse robes square measure on the market in numerous sizes and protection levels as well as non-reinforced, cloth bolstered and poly bolstered.


robes supply the very best level of protection while providing multiplied breathability and luxury. Supported micro porous film technology, Prevention robes “breathe,” permitting wet vapor to flee whereas preventing transmission of fluids. These robes feature sonically-sealed seams (rather than stitched) to forestall strike through wherever the seams square measure joined to the body of the robe.

Our SMS robes employ four layers of material to produce a high level of fluid repellency serving to produce a barrier to blood, body fluids and pathogens. They additionally robust and low lilting that minimizes the danger of introducing particles into the hospital room.


robes square measure cut wider within the chest and sleeve for a higher match. The robes feature associated adjustable vogue Velcro neck closure to permit the neckline to simply comply with a good kind of sizes. This additionally helps to forestall open at the front that is extra protection against fluids.



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